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Blog Niche Tools Review

Blog Niche Tools Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Niche blogging isn’t easy.

It’s hard work and takes time.

In fact, it takes a lot of time.

There are a some things every niche blogger needs: content, images and keywords.

First, you have to find the right keywords for your content, then get your content created, and then you need to find right images to create engagement for that content.

You also need to do enough keyword research to be able to sprinkle related (LSi) keywords throughout your content to get help your content get ranked and pull in that free organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

However, sourcing images, performing keyword research, and creating your content takes so much time many bloggers just give up…

Especially because normally you need to use separate tools for each of these.

All this precious time could be better spent elsewhere.

This is time you could be using to take your business to the next level and this is why, you need the right tools for your niche blogging.

What is Blog Niche Tools

It’s a WordPress plug-in that combines 3 tools every niche blogger needs.

If you are a niche blogger struggling to feed fresh content to your niche blog, this is the tool you have been waiting for.

Blog Niche Tools Review: Here is why you need to include this tool in your arsenal today:

BlogNiche Tool Plugin reviews

1. Bulk Article Import

If you know anything about niche blogging, it is that search engines such as Google are hungry for fresh content. Content is the very foundation of success in this industry.

Success will elude you if you can’t feed enough content to your blogs. However, feeding content is easier said than done.

One of the simplest solutions is to use high quality PLR articles.

Our Blog Niche Tools Review turned up several places where you can find high quality PLR articles, but opening those articles one by one and publishing them on WordPress takes a lot of time.

This is where the bulk article import feature shines as you just need to point it to the zip file containing the articles to import the articles.

Once the articles have been imported, you have multiple options as to how and when they are published.

You can schedule them to be published on a date of your choosing or you can publish them immediately, or just keep them in draft.

Note: You get Twenty thousand free PLR articles included with this WordPress plug-in.

2. Keyword Research Tool

One of the best ways to attract tons of organic traffic to your niche blog is to publish articles on trending searches in your chosen niche.

Blog Niche Tools has an inbuilt keyword research tool which provides trending keywords from top 6 search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon and YouTube.

Just put in the seed keyword in the keyword plugin tool and it will quickly fetch all the trending searches from these platforms.

You can then export these to a text file and use the data to sprinkle these in-demand keywords into your articles and get free organic traffic.

If you were to buy such a niche blogging tool separately, you have to spend much more than the money you would pay for this plugin.

3. Royalty Free Images

Nobody likes to see a wall of text on their screen.

It is boring, intimidating and simply a turn off.

This is why including relevant images in your content gets more engagement and keeps people on your site longer!

Check out the top blogs in any niche and you will find high quality images sprinkled throughout the blog posts.

However, finding relevant images is a time-consuming job, but one that Blog Niche Tools makes quick & easy.

The Free Images Plugin feature includes a search engine for finding free stock photos from the top 3 stock photo sites including UnSplash, PixaBay and Pexels.

Type your keyword into the search bar and it will return relevant images from these 3 stock photo websites.

You can then choose an image or two and include them in your posts.

It not only makes the articles more readable, but it is also good for SEO as research has shown that people tend to spend more time on websites with high quality images.

When people spend more time on your website, it helps your bounce rate and as you know, it is one of the metrics used by Google for organic rankings.

In short, it will help rank, get you more free traffic and keep those visitors on your site for longer!

How to use the Niche Blog Tools Plugin

Our review of blog niche tools proved to be quite easy, as it is extremely intuitive and straightforward.

Install the plug-in like you would any other plug-in and it will appear in the sidebar.

Just click on whichever function you want to use at that time.

There is also a very detailed video guide available with the plug-in that will take you through the process of installation and use in a step-by-step manner.

Blog Niche Tools Review Plugin Quick Summary:

  1. combines 3 tools in one WordPress plug-in
  2. intuitive user interface
  3. easy for you to easily build automated niche blogs
  4. created by a team with over a dozen top selling WP plugins and themes with high quality support
  5. comes with a 30 day guarantee

Niche Blogging Plugin Value

As part of our Blog Niche Tools Review we checked other similar tools, and found that if you start searching for tools that can do all the things this one tool can do, you can easily end up paying around $50+ for each tool.

Combining all three makes it easier to use, quicker to load, take less server resources, AND it comes at a knock down price of just $27 for Unlimited Sites!

This is a one-time payment.

There is absolutely no subscription fee.

You pay for it once and use it forever.

and yes, there is also a 30 day money back guarantee.

BlogNicheTools Feedback

Blog Niche Tools Review Final Verdict

To conclude, building niche blogs can be tough if you don’t have the right tools.

Our Review of the Blog Niche Tools plugin confirms that it IS exactly this, an essential tool for any niche blogger!

Using niche blogging tools will help you stay ahead of the competition.

You need to constantly publish fresh content and Blog Niche Tools provides the most efficient way for you to build and maintain automated niche blogs.

It not only helps in publishing content, but you can also import stock images and perform keyword research with the help of just one tool.

Click here to order from the official website and to start building your automated niche blog empire today.

thank you for reading our Blog Niche Tools Review, please check out the plugin below –

blog niche tools plugin review